Carlo Toni, mayor of the City of Poppi, for believing in and inspiring the idea of this project, and for allowing it to come into being.

Roberto Salvi, director of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Poppi, for his continuing and dedicated, effective contribution.

Riccardo Bruscagli, professor emeritus, University of Florence, for his patient and relevant textual and strategic consulting.

Giovanni Pancani, University of Florence, for his structural architectural consulting regarding the castle and town of Poppi.

Angela Tuccinardi, painter, for having donated to InArceDantis her collection of pastels on Dante Alighieri’s Terrestrial Paradise.

Daniele Pietrini, poet, for his beloved, continual, and sincere support.

Francesco Casucci, student, 3rd class, Liceo Scientifico Francesco Redi di Arezzo, and Matteo Casucci, a young actor of the Libera Accademia di Arezzo, for their wise and enlightening tips from the world of young people.

Robert Burton, for continuing to remind us to look into the present and upwards.