On Air Gathering 2020

Second Edition

To be reborn with the Arts in the Comedìa

September 14 – 16

Artistic Director: Stefania Maggini


Scientific contributions:

Andrea Matucci and Natascia Tonelli – University of Siena; Vittorio Montemaggi – King’s College in London; Alberto Casadei – University of Pisa; Paola Allegretti and Lorenzo Bastida – Società Dantesca Italiana.


Artistic contributions:  

Assinri Djim-Idriss

Cinzia Della Ciana

Diego Sordi

Francesco Smelzo

Francesco Zampella

Gabriele Acciai

George Cochrane

Giovanni D’Amico

Jessica Bargellini

Lali Mishvelia

Lenny Graziani

Linda Fratini

Patrizio Paoli

Roberta Kali Agostini

Roberta Soldani

Stefania Maggini

Thomas Bartolini

Toby Ingram

Yang Yu

Studenti della 3H e 3K del Liceo Scientifico F. Redi di Arezzo


Theme of  2020 edition:

Purgatory: Kingdom of Liberty

The theme under which the second song belongs is that of freedom: not that commonly understood of the first songs,  still linked to earthly values (seeking freedom), but the free will of which Marco Lombardo speaks in the central songs, that is, free obedience to the divine plan which is within each of us, and which calls us to human brotherhood. This theme is particularly relevant in these times when we all know limitations to our individual freedom in the name of higher collective freedom.

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